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Not mine: Make A Difference

This blog post was forwarded to me recently; based on the timing, it’s possible this was prompted by the flurry of memetic attention that Useless Fliers was getting a few weeks back, though I don’t know for sure. It could as easily be coincidence, or something older recently noticed.

In any case, its interesting to see the subversion of traditional flier utility kept in check while the uselessness of my own designs is abandoned in favor of some sort of effort to encourage good in the world.  (Or at least to encourage difference-making, I suppose; will this be the pulltab that inspires the next supervillain?  Perhaps I can defend my own work by comparison by claiming it will, at worst, inspire the next mildly annoying dadist?)

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Prior art roundup

I’m obviously not the first person to do stupid format-subverting things with posters.  Here’s a couple bits of prior art folks have pointed my way recently:

- FREE STRIPS OF PAPER, via mezzoblue.

- Useless Dog Posters, a collection by Tom Phillips, aka flashboy.

Got any others?

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#3: Have You Seen This Flier

Also posted on flickr.

Bulletin board in the square in St. Johns.

Get your PDF right here.

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#2: Take Only The Primes

Throw a little bit of math in there.  See also the flickr post.

Posted in Anna Banana’s.

Download the PDF!

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Variations in the wild

Possibly my favorite thing so far to come out of the Useless Flier thing was this, spotted recently by my internet friend esch:

A copycat WTF LOL OMFG poster.

If you see any useless fliers out in the world, or make an effort to promulgate the concept yourself, take a picture and let me know (maybe via twitter @joshmillard or something).

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The original flier, originally a post on ThinkStank.  See also the Flickr post.

Want your own?  Download a pdf of it!

(Reddit threw a bunch of traffic at it but didn’t have much to say, really.)